Discovery Package

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About this Package

This package includes career and personality profiling, career pathway planning, goal setting, tools and resources for success.

4 x 1hr sessions over four weeks.


Investigate, Discover, Plan and Connect.


Understanding your current employment / educational situation.


Career personality testing and profiling to gain optimal insight into healthy career pathways.


Critical evaluation of the best possible career, micro-skills and educational opportunities.


Planning session on roadmap and career path as well as goals and milestones.


Delivery of the compilation of outcomes of sessions into an easy to follow career map.


30 day check-in to determine areas of success and areas in need of further attention.


Investigative session on career, life, mental health and financial well-being.

Profiling session to determine optimal career outcomes most suited to your individual personality and character.

Examination and investigation of educational pathways, micro-skills and other opportunities. Short and long term goal setting.

Planning session, goal setting & establishing the next steps.

Every client receives a closing pack with their personality profile, optimal career choices, suitable study pathways and an overview of their short and long term goals.

A scheduled check-in occurs 30 days after delivery for reflection, additional guidance and support. This service is included in the package at no extra cost.

Your Career is more important than your job.

Career advice provides you with career management skills vital to your lifelong career journey. I am committed to helping you plan ahead, clarify your career direction and assist you with your pathway, decisions and employment opportunities.

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